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Hailing from Wayne County in Southern Illinois, Doublewide Debris is not your ordinary rock band.  Combining multiple genres of outlaw-southern rock, blended perfectly with the country music genre, the band exhibits its own sultry kick-ass style that is well known and well loved by the act’s constantly growing regional fan base.  Influenced by a very broad and highly diverse group of famous artists such as Blackberry Smoke, The Heartless Bastards, Deep Purple, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Led Zeppelin, and Buck Owens, just to name a few, the diversity of the band’s combined influences is what makes their sound completely their own.

There is one fact that remains steady; their sound is a one of a kind, a totally unique and original project; hard drivin’- riff-driven alt. country rock with intriguing story ballads; all of which are at they’re indefinable best.

While guitarist and banjo player Traci Carter pounds out the majority of Doublewide Debris’ signature vocals, she is joined in the band by four other rock steady musicians; Keith Chapman, who provides the remainder of the lead vocals while grinding out the lead guitar riffs, keyboard, and banjo, one of the founding members, Mark Chapman, on rhythm guitar and mandolin, Jim Garrett on drums and backup vocals, and Melinda Bruce on bass.




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